Star Wars Virtual Sets

New & Returning Players Article 7- Breaking down a new Virtual Set - by Chris Gogolen

What to do when a new Virtual Set is released?

Two to three times each year the Players Committee releases a new Virtual Card set.  The first release of the year is usually a larger set of 40-50 cards and then the follow up releases are 20-25 cards each.  The initial release often introduces new deck themes, and then the other sets contain support cards that round out those themes, help out existing decks that are struggling(AKA Helpers), or correct an imbalance in the current playing environment(AKA Bullets).  This article will focus on how to digest all of the new information being released.

Step 1 - Get yourself a copy of the PDF of the cards and print it out.  This can be found on the download section of the Players Committee Forums.  Print out one set and then cut them out.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect cutout of high glossy color text(and I don’t recommend you spend the $$ to do that until at least a few weeks after the set is released, as sometimes the cards get minor adjustments post-release due to unforeseen issues with Rulings or card interactions). Continue reading

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20% off Lord of the Rings Weekend Special

Since we have had such huge success with people trading and selling us so many Lord of the Rings cards over the last two months we have had the game available on our site, we are rewarding our customers by offering 20% off all LOTR singles Saturday and Sunday.

This includes all Sets from Fellowship of the Ring through Ages End.

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Lord of the Rings Promos

After having Lord of the Rings on CategoryOneGames for less than two weeks we have nothing but WOW!  We have had plenty of players filling in holes in their collections while also receiving many buy orders to help us restock the sets we were low on.

We have been able to add some of the missing Promotional cards, Expanded Middle Earth, The Rise of Saruman and Treachery and Deceit to our buylist.  Already we have had well over 1,200 cards offered to us and hope to have plenty of cards restocked.

We will be adding more Boxes and Sets to the site over the next few weeks and will

The best part about getting these cards back in stock is that we can provide the best card selection for You.  Once we have some of the singles back in from those missing sets, they will show as available on the main site.

Not to be left out Star Wars is still going strong on the site with restocks happening often.  Since launching Japanese cards on the site, we have had lots of interest from both buyers and sellers.  The best part has been helping people finish off sets it has taken them years to complete.  We carry the largest amount of Star Wars Japanese cards in one place on the internet.

We just got in four file cabinet boxes full of Star Wars cards mainly from Premiere and A New Hope.  These cards are in Pristine Mint condition, I haven’t seen anything like this since 1995.  We will be going through these and adding these cards to the site shortly.

With all these great additions to the site, we are still looking forward to adding more great games to the site and giving you the best service any online card store has ever provided.

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Lord of the Rings Fully In Stock

Lord of the Rings is back on CategoryOneGames.  We are proud to announce that we fully stock the Lord of the Rings TCG made by Decipher.

We are supper excited to get LOTR back on the site.  After playing Lord of the Rings on the GEMP system online, we have been really excited to start playing with the real cards again.

After going through all the cards, we noticed one big difference between LOTR and Star Wars cards.  LOTR cards must have been printed on much better card print than Star Wars.

You will find that most of the Rares on the site are in NM-/Excellent+ condition.  The thing that I kept noticing is that the Front of cards were often in Mint condition while the back is what drove the card down to the next grade value.  Most LOTR cards show scratching very easily on the back of the card, this is attributed to the black backs which easily pick up scratches.

It takes a lot of use to actually show wear on the front image of the LOTR cards, which is something you didn’t see as much with Star Wars cards.

If you are looking for cards for a set, you can easily get great looking cards without flaws on the front to sit in your binder and pay a lower price.

One thing you’ll notice is that we are carrying every set but two of them right now.  The reason being is that we don’t have any cards from those sets.  WE NEED THEM.

If you have extra LOTR cards, you can go to our buyback system and trade in your cards for 88% credit or trade them in for cash.

We really are looking for NM or NM-/Excellent+ LOTR cards.  If you have cards that are in played condition, we will take them, we will just pay less for them.

On top of LOTR Singles, we have plenty of other cool items including Boxes, Starter Decks, Binders, OTSD Boxes, Anthology Boxes and Full Sets, including Foil Sets.

Speaking of Foils, you’ll notice an absence of Foils from sets 1-8 and 10 on the site.  These are coming, we just haven’t had a chance to get what we have on the site.  The same goes for foreign language cards.  We have LOTS of foreign language cards from the first six sets.

Get out those old decks and set lists out and get over to CategoryOneGames and fill in those missing pieces or build that new deck you’ve always wanted to try.

The full list of Lord of the Rings sets include:

Fellowship of the Ring
Mines of Moria
Realms of the Elf-Lords
The Two Towers
Battle of Helm’s Deep
Ents of Fangorn
Return of the King
Siege of Gondor
Mount Doom
Black Rider
Expanded Middle Earth
The Hunters
Wraith Collection
Rise of Saruman
Treachery and Deceit
Ages End

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Star Wars Miniatures

Star Wars Miniatures are back on

Star Wars Mini’s have always been a favorite of CategoryOneGames and now you can get your fix of each set made for the game:

We have a lot of inventory on some sets but need your help on other sets.  If you have extra Star Wars Minis we want them.  Our Buylist is ready for you to sell us Miniatures.

We want to be your source of Star Wars Miniatures on the internet.

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Star Wars Search Features

If you were on CategoryOneGames this past weekend you might have seen some crazy things going on.  In order to update the site, sets were pulled from the site and then put back on the site.  When they were put back on the site, the new Search Features were in place.

When you click on a set now, you can search for Rarity, Side and Card Types.  Bellow each cards name will be a small bar that now contains this information.  You can click on the rarity shown for that card and it will bring up each card with that same rarity within the set.  The same goes for the side and card type.

You can also search specifically for all Rares by typing it into the Rarity search field at the top of the page.  To search for Rares you would just type R, Commons is C and Uncommons is U.  It is that easy.

You can much more easily find the cards you are looking for.
In addition to the changes mentioned above, we reorganized how we have Commons and Uncommons listed on the site.  Because of the amount of Commons and Uncommons that we have, the time it takes to grade each card would kill us and make it so we couldn’t make any additional updates to the site.

To save time, we have grouped all Commons/Uncommons into a grade of Bulk NM/Played.  This allows us to put a certain amount of each common and uncommon on the site and put the rest into our bulk boxes you can buy.  The cards that we pull aside for the site are the best available from what we have to choose from.

An example of this is a card like It Could Be Worse.  We would pull 40 of these aside for the site and then stick the extra 30 or so aside to go into Bulk Boxes.  The 40 we would pull aside from the site would be the best looking as we sorted through them and counted out 40.  This way the cards you get in Bulk NM/Played are generally going to be closer to NM than Played.

This also let us separate out Com/Uncom from how we grade Rares and therefore keep the inventory separate which makes our lives much easier.

The next big thing we are working here at CategoryOneGames is the 22 boxes of Commons and Uncommons that we are just now done sorting and plan on adding to inventory over the next week.  Look for many of the cards that we were out of to be back in stock.

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Star Wars Uncut Sheets and Card Boxes

CategoryOneGames provides some of the coolest and rarest Decipher released items.  Just added to the site are Uncut Sheets, Card Boxes and Championship Binders.   In addition to these cool items, the Posters and Rule Book area have pictures for each of the items.

Cloud City Enhanced

Uncut Sheets are some of the coolest card collecting items you can find.  CategoryOneGames not only has Uncut Sheets for common and uncommon sets, but also has some of the hardest to find Uncut Sheets ranging from Cloud City Enhanced, Tatooine Light Side Rares, Endor Dark Side Rares and other Rare sheets.  These are some of the coolest items you can get for a Star Wars fan.  Having one of these framed is what every Man Cave needs.  You’ll notice that the condition will show as played on CategoryOneGames.  The reason being is that most of these sets show scratching on the individual card fronts and backs but you have to be looking close to see these, it is not something you immediately notice when you first start looking at these.

Darth Vader OTSD Top

Some of the most popular items that Decipher ever released are the Anthology and OTSD boxes.  Between storing your Star Wars cards and a box that fit your decks perfectly to take to events, these have become some of the most requested items at CategoryOneGames.  These are now in stock and ready for purchase.  Because of the high demand for box  bottoms, they will be sold separately than the tops.  Because the tops were made out of stronger material, they often lasted much longer than the bottoms did.  The bottoms wear out faster and because of that, most gamers need to replace the bottom long before they need to replace the top.

In addition to the OTSD added to CategoryOneGames, Anthology boxes have been added to the site.  A lot of gamers ask me if we have empty Anthology boxes in stock and now we do.  You can pick between all three of the Anthology sets (Scott’s personal favorite is the 3rd Anthology box).  Because of the awkward size of this item, the price on it has to take into account the shipping on these.  The biggest problem is that they don’t fit into a Flat Rate Box, making them more expensive to ship than most items.

If your looking to store your trade cards in a unique binder, 1997 and 1998 Decipher Card binders are currently in stock.

Some of the coolest items in stock have finally gotten pictures to go along with them.  The Rule Books and Promotional Posters now have images to go along with them.  This will help you figure out what your getting and be able to see exactly how cool that Boba Fett or Endor fold out poster will look on your wall.

Come check out all these Exciting new items on CategoryOneGames.

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