Star Wars Commons and Uncommons

Tatooine, Coruscant and Theed Palace Commons and Uncommons are now on CategoryOneGames.  A full inventory of every set is now on the site ranging from Commons, Uncommons, Rares, Ultra Rares, Foils and Playtest Cards.

It’s amazing to me how much demand there has been for Commons and Uncommons.  It really is obvious that people are glad to be able to pick up all the cards they are looking for in one place.

Within hours of updating the website with Theed Palace Com/Uncom, four orders come came through my in box with singles from the set.

From filling collections and making decks, if you need a Star Wars Common or Uncommon, you can find them all at CategoryOneGames.

We have plenty more Com/Uncom that we will be updating the site with.  Right now almost all the Commons and Uncommons are listed in Played condition.  Does that mean they are actually all in played condition – the answer is No.  The reason they are marked this way is because I simply do not have the time available to hand grade every single one of those cards to put onto the site.  If I did that, I would still be working on Premiere.

By putting them all on the site in played condition it let me get the cards out to you to use in decks or put in your collection while keeping the price lower.

We have a select amount of Com/Uncom that we will be going through that look to be in Slightly Played if not NM condition that will be added to the site quickly.

We also have plenty more Com/Uncom that we will be adding to the site in Overstock form.  These will be Small Priority Mail boxes packed with cards from different sets available for purchase.  There will also be Mystery Packs that will be available that will contain 20 Random cards for $1.

As a Reminder, every order over $25 receives Free Shipping.


About categoryonegames

Scott Church is the owner of - the Premiere Star Wars CCG Marketplace on the Internet.
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